An den Mond (2011)

An den Mond for flute (or violin), bass, and piano

An den Mond is a tango that was written in 2010 for flute, bass, and piano and later revised for piano trio in 2011.  The inspiration for the piece comes from the introduction to Franz Schubert's art song of the same name (D. 193).

In the Shadows of the Moonlight (2009)

In the Shadows of the Moonlight for full orchestra

In the Shadows of the Moonlight won the 2008 Arizona State University Symphonic Orchestra’s Composition Competition and was premiered by them in 2009 under the direction of Dr. Brian St. John.  The piece has also been aired on KBAQ in Phoenix.  

On Long Roads (2012)

On Long Roads for solo cello

Commissioned by Jenna Dalbey, this work was written in 2012. Extended techniques are combined with the Romani anthem 'Gelem, Gelem'.

Red on Black (2008)

Red on Black for string quartet

In 2009 the BBC reported that a Belgian man, Rom Houben, had been misdiagnosed as a coma victim for 23 years.  A doctor reported that Houben said to him "Ich have geschrien, amber es war nights zu hören." (I screamed, but there was nothing to hear).  While the story was later debunked, Red on Black was written with Houben's alleged quote in mind.

Trepidations (2011)

Trepidations for piano duo

Trepidations was one of four piano duos that I wrote as part of my doctoral dissertation from Arizona State University.  The set was one of the first pieces that formally used my 'Take-Away System' as a formal method of composition.  In this work, an octatonic set is used in various ways.