and the heavens turned black (2017)

And the heavens turned black was written for and premiered by The Concordia Orchestra in 2017 (Kevin F.E. Sütterlin, conductor).  The work depicts the monsoon storms that appear throughout the summer in the American Southwest.

Duo Sonata for Flute and Piano (2010)

Duo Sonata for Flute and Piano is a ten-minute work that is comprised of three main themes, all which utilize a non-symmetrical nine-note scale.  Elements of jazz, chromaticism, and expressionism fuse to create a fun, energetic work that is challenging for both flautist and pianist alike.

In the Shadows of the Moonlight (2009)

In the Shadows of the Moonlight begins with two triads.   As voices alternate between the two chords using various isorhythms, an eerie sonic landscape is formed where melodic fragments (and later, whole melodies) are formed.  

Primeval Fugue (2016)

Composed using my 'Take-Away System' (using the numbers 7 & 13), Primeval Fugue was composed for the 80th anniversary of the American Composer Alliance.